1- Four Seasons Hotel New York

The Four Seasons Hotel is an unabashedly grand and extravagant hotel with high vaulted ceilings, marble floors and pillars, and over three hundred rooms and suites throughout its vast structure. However, despite the sheer enormity of its offerings, the hotel manages to exude an air that feels understated rather than oversaturated, subtle and classy rather than opulent. It is an incredibly intimate hotel that is sure to make you fall in love with the city. There are 386 rooms in totality, and all of them feature a stunning view of the city below. If you rise higher you can also start to see the Central Park and the Hudson, and the higher you are the more expansive your view. The rooms may be expensive, however the stay is undeniably pleasant and charming. If you’re looking for restaurants where you can indulge in a hearty meal, you need look no further. This unique hotel features two lovely restaurants — Ty Lounge, which features a spin on Korean-enthused dishes; and The Garden Restaurant, which serves classic American dishes whilst seated underneath acacia trees fanning out across the lobby. It is located in a part of Midtown that exudes luxury and elegance, and it’s away from the clutter and noise of Time Square, yet connected enough so as to give you easy access to all of New York’s splendors.

2- Plaza Hotel New York City

Located on the Upper East Side, this luxury five star hotel is on one of the most elite parts of the city. As such this hotel firmly places you in the trendiest neighborhood of the city, though within walking distance of Central Park, Museum Mile, and even the more populist attractions of Times Square. The neighborhood is also replete with several boutique fashion outlets and cafes. The lobby of the hotel is quite opulent with marble floors, marble pillars, and full length mirrors. With 74 rooms, the hotel often feels snug and offers its guests the intimacy of a large private house. Some of the rooms even feature fireplaces, and the interiors are primarily made in a conjunction of mahogany wood furnitures, and silk draperies. One of the best rooms at the hotel is the Garden Suite, which comes with two spacious terraces, one of them featuring a mini-fountain, and the other featuring a dining arrangement big enough for four people. Another great attraction is The Pembroke Room which has been designed with a kind of old-world charm, with plush carpeted floors, and a general vibe that is sure to speak to the inner romantic in all of us. However, even the standard rooms are great in their own rights, equipped with coffee tables, marble tiled bathrooms, and work desks as well.

3-The NoMad Hotel

The NoMad hotel is yet another five star hotel that boasts a lovely location. It’s situated on Broadway, so if you’re a fan of theatre then you can feast yourself to lovely theatrical performances every evening. The hotel is also located just a couple blocks from other prime attractions such as the Empire State Building, and the Madison Square Park. The hotel has been styled by french designer Jacques Garcia, who wanted them to feel like ‘home’ rather than like hotel rooms, as luxurious as they may be. This is accomplished through various means, by generously using framed artworks on the walls, and having a bunch of throw blankets, to give the rooms more personality and make them feel more homely and snug. You can even rent out laptops and iPads.

4- The St Regis New York

This is an extremely expensive but also very luxurious hotel in midtown Manhattan. Guests often laud the hotel for toeing the perfect balance between Old-World beauty and charm, fused with a sleek contemporary outlook. There are 238 rooms and suites in totality, and each of them features an aesthetic sense that comprises silk hangings, and rich blue accents, along with the ready presence of modern technologies such as Bose speakers, full-length glass walls, and luxury Remède toiletries. If you want to help yourself to some lovely custom-made cocktails, you can go to their in-house bar King Cole Bar.

5- Trump International New York

This Trump hotel is the very picture of lavish extravagance. The hotel boasts grand views of Central Park, and features impeccable service. The bellhops always wear pristine white gloves, and you can avail the services of the concierge to make everything convenient for you. The rooms also come equipped with everything you might need, your own personal kitchen space, floor-to ceiling glass walls, and even 55-inch smart TVs. They have two restaurants — Jean-Georges and Nougatine — both of which are equally lauded for their service, ambience, and the meal.


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