1- Skylofts at MGM Grand

This is the most expensive and extravagant luxury five star hotel in all of Las Vegas. Situated atop the MGM Grand, this hotel is perched just right to be able to look down upon the spectacle of the Las Vegas Strip. It has been created purely for the pleasures of the elite, for those of discerning artistic and cultural tastes. The rooms are all designed in the stylings of New York lofts, and they offer wide and majestic views of the city around. Considering the ridiculously expensive rates, you would be right in expecting nothing short of perfection, and they definitely deliver on that. A private chauffeur driven limousine is sent to collect you from the airport itself, from which you’ll be driven to the MGM Grand private SKYLOFT entrance. Next, you’ll be taken to a private elevator which will then carry you straight to your suite. As such, you won’t have to waste your time with any unnecessary conversations or anything, and will be treated with luxury every step of the way from your arrival at the airport. The rooms also feature several great amenities, like a personal butler service, an infinity spa tub, an espresso machine, and a heated towel rack. You can even ask for apartments that are equipped with a fully functioning kitchen or a private plunge pool. Using the universal remote control, you can regulate the rooms temperature and its lighting as well.

2- Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

The Four Seasons Hotel is the hotel you need to go to if you want a sense of comfort and intimacy even within the buzzing throes of Las Vegas. The hotel features a private entrance from Las Vegas Boulevard, and even though it’s located on the Las Vegas strip it’s still quite removed from all of its noise and distractions. The hotel also features several great restaurants wherein the guests can dine in luxury and style. Charlie Palmer’s steakhouse is the prime location for some steaks and ribs. If you want to experience an eclectic menu of handcrafted cocktails, you can head on over to PRESS, or you can go to Verada for some Italian cuisine. Besides the restaurants, the hotel also features luxurious spas and private pools to rejuvenate your senses. The rooms feature glass walls through which you can view the bright lights and neon signs of the Strip. In addition to that, they have been designed in an Art Deco style, but with modern contemporary amenities such as Smart LED TVs, surround sound systems, and a minimalist ethos. This is also an adored hotel amongst families with kids because they offer kid menus as well in restaurants, and they have welcome gifts for kids upon arrival.

3- Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas has won several Five Star awards from the Forbes Travel Guide, and the entire hotel is home to a whopping 4750 guest rooms! The rooms are all uniformly elegant and have advanced technological amenities and panoramic views of the city. One of the reasons that this luxury hotel is so popular and famous is the fact that it can act as a microcosm of Las Vegas as a whole. It features 20 restaurants serving different cuisines to different kinds of clientele, it also features a decadent extravaganza fest in the form of its various night-clubs and bars, and if you want to go around shopping you don’t even have to set foot out of the hotel as it features a stunning shopping complex!

4- Bellagio Las Vegas

This is a truly decadent and opulent luxury five star hotel. It’s located in a prime location on the Strip, however it has enough buffeting in place to ensure that the guests aren’t disturbed by all the accompanying noise of the Strip. As you approach the hotel you’re immediately greeted with a thousand fountains dancing to the tunes of popular music, with an accompanying display of lights and colors. The interiors of the hotel are relatively more subdued, designed in a regal European style, with the presence of award-winning restaurants and contemporary art installations by some of the world’s foremost artists. The Bellagio also features a conservatory with lush exotic flowers and trees, and glass ceilings so that the guests can feel bathed in sunlight. As such, the Bellagio actually has a lot going for it even besides the casino for which it is so famous. You might have seen it featured in a lot of popular Hollywood flicks, and you’d be forgiven for being under the impression that it’s all show and no style. However, it’s actually quite a classy and artistic place to be in. The entire hotel features 3933 rooms and suites, which is an incredibly large number of rooms by anyone’s standards, however they’re designed in such a manner so as to remain intimate, and remain buffeted from the vast sprawling public spaces.

5- Palazzo Resort Hotel Las Vegas

The Palazzo Resort is yet another well-situated five star hotel, on the northernmost part of the Strip. The location is really fortunate as it’s a close neighbor to The Venetian, which is another popular five star hotel in Las Vegas. It’s incredibly sleek, modern, and uses a vibrant color palette. The suites are all incredibly spacious and feature slightly depressed living rooms. The bathtubs are incredibly deep and spacious, so much so that you can very well sink into them. The Canyon Ranch SpaClub is also another hit with its long and detailed menu of a vast variety of massages offered in styles inspired from across the globe. The Venetian next-door is replete with some great dining options. and you can head on over there to feast on cuisines from all over the world.


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